What is a Learning Object?

What is a Learning Object?

Not exactly sure what a Learning Object is? Don’t worry—it isn’t complicated. A learning object is a digital resource that has been designed as a small “chunk” to maximize the number of learning situations in which it can be reused. For example, a learning object could be a sequencing activity or a crossword puzzle.

Working with learning objects offers flexibility for both course authors and for learners. For authors, it is easier and more interesting to create learning content when you have a repository of learning objects from which you can draw. And your learners will enjoy the interactive learning experience when your learning content includes the learning objects you’ll find in the SoftChalk Cloud Learning Object repository.

The learning objects featured on SoftChalk Cloud include lessons, courses and interactive learning activities created with SoftChalk. Learning activities include: interactive self-check questions, Charts, Crossword Puzzle, DidYouKnow, DragNDrop, FlashCard, HotSpot, Jigsaw Puzzle, Labeling, Ordering, Photo Album, Seek A Word, Slide Show, Sorting, Tabbed Info and Timeline.

For more details on SoftChalk Cloud and how to get started, please see the FAQ:

How do I get started with SoftChalk Cloud?, the SoftChalk Cloud Quick Start Guide, the SoftChalk Cloud Guide and the SoftChalk Cloud website.

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